Sad Nuggie Premium Vinyl Stickers

Sad Nuggie Premium Vinyl Stickers

Sad Nuggie now carries Premium Stickers. Currently available for 21 Sad Nuggie designs. You can learn more about our premium stickers below.

What are premium stickers?

  • Our Premium Vinyl stickers are weather proof meaning the stickers will be protected in rain, wind, & sunlight. They are also water proof so you can put them in your dishwasher & have them come out looking brand new.

Will premium stickers be available for all designs?

  • Yes! We are currently in the process of transitioning all of our Sticker designs to premium.

What's the difference between your premium & regular stickers?

  • While the quality of our regular stickers are fantastic, they aren't as durable as our premium stickers. Our premium stickers will last longer, are more durable, and weather/water proof.

Are premium stickers more expensive?

  • Nope! All stickers are the same price.

How do I know which stickers are premium?

  • Premium stickers will be labeled with a "Premium" banner in the product image as well as a brief description notifying you the design is premium.

We will update this post as we get more designs in!



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