Sad Nuggie Holiday Coloring Contest

 Sad Nuggie has officially launched it's 2023 Holiday drawing contest. This year is bigger than ever with even more prizes to win. 



*Over 1,500 entries were submitted. The link above will be updates as soon as possible with all entries.*

See the full details below.

Full contest rules:

  • This contest is open to all ages and anywhere in the world. Anyone can enter.
  • Coloring can be done anyway you like. (Digitally, hand, painted etc)
  • You have full creative freedom with this but please refrain from mature subject matter. Keep it fun and cute! Any submissions we deem inappropriate will not be considered for prizes.
  • You must only enter the coloring sheets the Sad Nuggie team has provided for the contest.
  • You may submit more than one coloring page if you would like.
  • Contest starts Tuesday December 18th and ends on Sunday December 24th at 11:59 PM EST. No entries will be accepted after the end date.
  • Winners will be announced the following week. All winners will be announced on this post & emailed.

How to submit:

You must submit your coloring entries to our team via our submission form or via email at These two methods are the only guaranteed way to enter the contest. 

If you submit your drawing to us via social media direct messaging, there is no guarantee that we will see it. It may become lost due to the amount of messages we receive. We do our best to look through our messages but there will be no guarantee your submission will be received.


There are multiple ways to win this year across a variety of categories.

Winners will be selected by the Sad Nuggie team as well as a community vote(s) on social media & polls for certain categories.

Every single entry will receive a 10% off coupon code to use on our website. This code will be sent to you upon entry to the contest. Codes are sent via email.

There will be Four Grand Prize winners. One for each age category below.

Grand Prize Categories include:

  • Youth (12 & under) WINNER: Raina S
  • Teens (13 - 17) WINNER: Samantha M
  • Adults (18+) WINNER: Wilson H
  • Community vote (all ages) WINNER : Gabrielle L

Grand Prize winners will receive:

  • 1x Plushie Pillow
  • 1x Holiday Sticker Pack
  • 1x Keychain
  • 1x Free Shipping code

There will be a community vote for the top 10 coloring entries. The top 10 are determined by the Sad Nuggie team. The one with the most votes will win a grand prize package.


This contest is run by the official Sad Nuggie team. Sad Nuggie will NEVER ask for payment for entry. If an account or someone asks for a monetary payment, please ignore & report them to our team.

Below are the only verified accounts associated with Sad Nuggie:

Sad Nuggie verified emails:


All Official Sad Nuggie links & social media accounts can be found at the footer of our website.

If you receive any information from any other email or account regarding this contest please ignore them and report them to the Sad Nuggie team. If you are unsure you can reach out to one of our emails above.

Sad Nuggie can't wait to see your colouring entries!

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