'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and snowflakes filled the sky,

There sat an alone Sad Nuggie, having a good cry.

No festive decorations, no joyous song,

Just a little Sad Nuggie, feeling all wrong.

The oven was cold, no warmth in the air,

As Sad Nuggie pondered, life wasn't fair.

No laughter or merriment, just a deep sigh,

In a world where even nuggets could cry.

The stockings were hung with a lackluster care,

For this Sad Nuggie, the holiday was bare.

No family at all, no friends in sight,

Just a lone Sad Nuggie, longing for some light.

As midnight approached, and the moon took its place,

Sad Nuggie wished for a more hopeful embrace.

No sugarplum dreams, just Sad Nuggie's despair,

In a Christmas tale of solitude and wear.

But hark! In the silence, a glimmer appears,

A sprinkle of hope, quelling Sad Nuggie's fears.

A warm oven glow, a gentle embrace,

For this forlorn Sad Nuggie, a change of pace.

In the kitchen's quiet, a flicker ignites,

As Sad Nuggie discovers delightful sights.

A plate adorned with festive cheer, Hope blossoms within, drawing near.

Garland of joy, and tinsel so bright,

Sad Nuggie finds solace in the quiet night.

The oven now humming, a comforting song,

As the once lonely Sad Nuggie begins to belong.

No longer forlorn, no longer in strife,

This Christmas Sad Nuggie finds newfound life.

In the holiday's magic, a story unfolds, Of Sad Nuggie's journey, where hope takes hold.



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