Who is Sad Nuggie?

Meet Sad Nuggie. The worlds favorite Sad chicken nugget that brings smiles & laughter to people all around the world through Gifs, comics, products, and more. Sad Nuggie is known for his lovable, relatable, & adorable personality. He may be constantly stressed & depressed but he wishes nothing but the best for all his friends. If you ever need someone to talk to, Sad Nuggie is always there.

About the Brand

Sad Nuggie officially launched on August 1st 2022. Sad Nuggie is dedicated to bringing smiles to everyone around the world with a wide variety of cute products, relatable & humorous comics, adorable memes, and more!

Since launch, Sad Nuggie gifs, videos, and images have been seen and shared hundreds of millions of times around the world.

Sad Nuggie loves to give back to the community alongside working with charities, especially in the mental health industry. Sad Nuggie donates a percentage of sales back to programs & charities helping those struggling with mental health.

About the Artist

Sad Nuggie came to life with the talented artist Nastya Sevastyanova who has been working as a freelancer since 2019. Nastya works closely with the Sad Nuggie team.

Nastya has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a master's degree in Communicative design. She has graduated from art school and completed various digital drawing courses.

Nastya has experience in making children's book illustrations, portraits, calendar illustrations, icons, flat vector illustrations, and more. Her go-to platforms for use include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate.

You can find her instagram here.