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Sad Nuggie

Bottom of the Fryer Plush

Bottom of the Fryer Plush

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These Sad Nuggies are feeling a little more depressed than usual as they haven't been adopted yet. They all had a little malfunction during the Air Fryer incident and were not found until someone cleaned out the fryer. 

They think no one out there wants them because of their slight defects. :( They hope someone out there will love them and adopt them soon!

All of these Sad Nuggies below will have a little issue but nothing crazy. This may include; loose stitching, missing threads, slight discolour in threads, and other minor errors.

They include an adoption certificate.

What's in every combo?

Every Sad Nuggie Combo comes with the following at no extra cost:

-Your favorite dipping sauce sticker

-Your favorite beverage sticker

You can let us know which dipping sauce & drink you would like during checkout process under "additional notes". If you do not have a preference or forget we will send you a random one.

About the product

  • Extremely Soft Plush
  • Approx 7/8 Inches tall

How to use

  • Cuddle it!
  • Squish it!
  • Take him on adventures!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

He makes me happy and I hope I make him happy too

Alex Hartman
Impercfectly perfect

I didn't find anything wrong with the bottom of the fryer nuggies... Matter of fact, being human is to be imperfect, and these are the "perfect" fit. :)

Nino the Sad Nuggie is a little less sad these days!

We watched the adoption videos on TikTok and my son was obsessed; much like I was! We tracked his journey to his forever home and love him so much! We got a few stickers and made them magnets and a keychain as well! High quality, completely adorable and goes with us everywhere!! Even though he’s a “bottom of the fryer” nuggie, he’s perfect to us!

I just ordered a hoodie, tote & pencil case! We’re eagerly awaiting the Dino-nuggie pre-order and in the meantime we binge watch nuggie adoption videos on TikTok!


Amazing and so funny love the items